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Powerbelt Bullets Test

Powerbelt bullets are the answer to all my muzzleloading problems. . After buying a new Remington 700 MLS 50 caliber rifle a few years ago, I naturally . And for Ballistics Junkies like me, they have provided ballistics tables for all the bullets.

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muzzleloader range-ballistics | Big Game Hunt

Nov 29, 2002 . Posts: 3. muzzleloader range-ballistics. Shot four different guns today. All guns were cva 50 cal. All used pyro pellets and powerbelt bullets 245 .

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Black Powder Rifles / Muzzleloading / Inline - Gunners Den

On the rifle muzzleloading page we had a common sense caliber selection chart for hunting purposes, here we will examine that a little closer with a ballistics .

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The Aerolite .50 Cal Muzzleloader Bullet Ballistic Test by The World ...

May 6, 2013 . Michael E. Clay with the World Hunting Club conduct a ballistic test with the .50 cal Aerolite from Powerbelt. We take the Aerolite and a .

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28 inch ballistic chart zeroed at 150 yards 1 - Powerbelt Bullets

Trajectory. -1.5. 0.53. 1.97. 2.74. 2.77. 1.89. 0. -3.05. -7.53. -13.57 -21.21 .45 cal 195 gr HP Copper Clad BC=.152 150 grains. Distance (yards). Muzzle. 25. 50.

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The 50 Caliber Black Powder Rifle or Muzzle loader - WILD Jaeger

Dec 22, 2011 . The 50 Caliber Black Powder Rifle or Muzzle loader. . A quick look at the ballistics of modern black powder loads should give hunters plenty of .

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Muzzle load ballistics - Personal Web Sites -

May 21, 2010 . The following two charts are for 50 caliber muzzle loader rifles. . The balls in the above chart are all the same size and weight. Two of these .


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DOA 250 Muzzleloader Ballistic Chart--100 Yard Zero - Bushnell

200 Yds. 250 Yds .50 cal 348 gr Copper Clad AeroTip. 150. 100 Yds. 150 Yds. 200 Yds. 250 Yds. DOA 250 Muzzleloader Ballistic Chart--100 Yard Zero .

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Long Range Muzzleloader Hunting - CHUCKHAWKS.COM

Randy Wakeman addresses the issue of Long Range Muzzleloader Hunting. . inexperienced hunter who put his faith in factory charts and trajectory tables. . For starters, let's look at what basic, .50 caliber inline muzzleloading trajectory is.

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50 Cal 300gr FPB - Hornady

Engineered and tested to work flawlessly in all 50 cal muzzleloaders, the FPB . a very streamlined and very durable meplat that maximizes exterior ballistics.

Muzzleloader Ballistics

Except where noted, the following table shows typical ballistics of various .451 to .454 caliber bullets in a .58 caliber sabot manufactured by Muzzleload Magnum Products, RR 6, Harrison, . 50 FFFg, 2034 FPS - 597 ft/lbs, 1843 FPS - 965 ft/lbs.

Muzzleloader Bullets - Black Powder Gun Supplies & Accessories ...

Muzzleloader Ballistics Chart. Test Conditions: January 12th, . Barnes Spit-Fire MZ 245 grains Muzzleloader Bullets for .50 caliber 15 pack. Our Price: $22.95.

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